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The Soul Galaxy's BIG BANG!

Welcome to the wonderful musical matrix that is called The Soul Galaxy!  The Soul Galaxy "BIG BANG" of existence was created in the summer of 2013  when drummer/ percussionis/ singer Jon Kidd wandered into The Gold Coin, a famous gold rush saloon just outside of Yosemite National Park in a little town called Mariposa, CA.  Jon was at musical crossroads, pondering retirement in the aftermath of HMG, his record company and band signed to it's demise.  Sitting in the corner was a man playing a guitar unlike anything he had ever heard.  The man's name was Tim Hager, a local guitar legend... a real gunslinger of a player who could play damn near anything.  Jon ran out to his car and grabbed his djembe,  always stowed away for impromptu jams.  Jon went back inside and asked Tim if he could sit in which Tim agreed.   Right away the connection between Jon and Tim was instant.  No scripts, set lists, or calling out of songs... just two musicians chasing musical tantrums around each other.  In the midst of all that, songs emerged; from classic covers, to some of Tim's originals, to off-the-cuff jams.  At the end of an hour of musical sparring, Tim and Jon put down their instruments and introduced themselves to each other formally.  Some guy named Doc came up to the two and said "MAN THAT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!" He then asked if we had any CDs for sale, or an email list.  The men told him that they had just met.  Doc grabbed a sheet of paper, pen, and a tip jar, walked around the saloon stopping at every table and person sitting at a bar stool.  A few minutes later, Doc re-emerged with two pages of email and phone lists and a tip jar overflowing with money.  Doc looked at Tim and Jon and said, "I guess you guys need to be a band now."

Tim and Jon assembled an interchangeable group of "A" list of musicians living in the Sierras and started playing anyplace they could find.  Guys like Willie Rankin who played sax for Junior Walker All Stars, Gladys Night, and Lionel Richie; Daniel Green, a bass player so versatile one could see him playing double bass in the Mariposa Symphony one night, upright bass with Yosemite Dixieland Jazz Band another, and trading Jimi Hendrix licks with Tim and The Soul Galaxy at some club late into another evening. The band developed a following quickly in just a few months playing a mix of original songs and good time dance classics, along with a good amount of musical improv to keep things fresh.  


Musical Performance For Any Event

The Soul Galaxy musical experience is scalable to any event from a small lounge, gallery or real estate open house, to intimate restaurant moods, to the hippest club, big party or music festival and concert events as an opening act, or a supporting act.

The Soul Galaxy musical experience is scalable to any event from a small lounge, gallery or real estate open house, to intimate restaurant moods, to the hippest club, big party or music festival and concert events as an opening act, or a supporting act.



Tim Hager is a Northern California guitar legend.  Tim is a master guitarist, singer, songwriter, arranger, performer and producer of mainly original music as well as unique covers of assorted popular artists. He has more than 40 years of experience in the music business.  Inspired by The Beatles Tim bought his first guitar, but hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time drove Tim to practice and master ever more challenging styles of playing. Tim fell in love with playing the blues first through the Rolling Stones, then graduating on to studying and mastering blues licks from craftsmen like Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Reed, BB King, Albert King, Freddie King and T-Bone Walker. Tim became the local legend from Los Gatos, CA who would be asked to sit in on whoever that came to play in various venues in the Bay Area:  Pat Simmons of The Doobie Brothers became a close friend and jamming partner.  Through jamming with touring acts that came through town Tim was lucky enough to meet and become the protege' of  T-Bone Walker.  The two jammed together many times and developed both a mutual respect as well as a spiritual connection.

A musical work-a-holic, Tim practice regimens are legendary.  Always prepared to play at the drop of a hat, he would play where ever music was happening;  parties, small clubs, weddings,... which led to going on tour opening for Chuck Berry, Uriah Heep and David Peel.  Eventually relocating to Santa Cruz, Tim formed The Blues Addicts with his brother Robert Hager playing harmonica and guitar.  The group earned local hero status as an opening staple act for touring acts such as John Lee Hooker,  Albert King and others.  He formed another group called the Rainbow Bridge as a Hendrix tribute band. Tim used that musical alchemy to begin showcasing his own compositions. Rainbow Bridge morphed into The Bridge and soon became a respected opening act lending a supporting role for acts such as Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose and others that came through the Bay Area and Santa Cruz. The band's zenith came as an opening act for Deep Purple at the Warfield and Yngwie Malmsteen at the Fillmore SF as well as being the warm up act for  David Lee Roth at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz. The Bridge released 3 CDs -  "Sacred  Ground", "Rolling Thunder",and "Take It Higher". During his Santa Cruz days, Tim also played as a hired sideman for many other bands doing blues and,jazz such as The Voodudes  and reggae band The House of Fire.  Tim now resides in Mariposa  CA where he formed bands such as Electric Blue and What It Is featuring Willie Rankins, the Saxophonist best known as Jr. Walker's replacement in The Jr. Walker All Stars.

Now, after meeting drummer extraordinaire Jon Kidd , the two have formed The Soul Galaxy, a musical collective of local musicians that have mostly made a name for themselves outside of Mariposa, but who now reside in or close to this little town just outside of Yosemite Ntl. Park.  The Soul Galaxy can be a power rock pop trio with jamming sensibilities akin to Jimi Hendrix and The Police.  The band can grow to a refined quartet with Willie on sax and Kyle Morrison on bass.  It's the versatility of the group's ability to play many styles of music, from jazz to blues, to reggae, funk as well as rock that has made The Soul Galaxy the musical force to match Tim's amazing abilities on the guitar and a much sought out band for festivals, parties, and other events. Tim and Jon have also found quite a bit of success performing as a acoustic duo performing as much as 5 times a week.  In addition to performing live, Tim has over 25 years of musical instruction experience, teaching many guitar students the finer points and joy of playing the guitar. Tim still is sought out as a recording session guitarist. Tim is currently working on The Soul Galaxy's upcoming Album CD "One Take Wonders".  A Lo-Fi nod to the magic of first heard, first played, first time recording songs... done in one take.


Jon Kidd plays drums, percussion and sings a little.  Jon started playing drums at the age of 3 and by the age of 7 was performing in talent shows.  Since there were no drum instructors in the little town Jon lived in, he also took up piano lessons to help with his musicality to help him learn to read music.  In high school in Los Gatos, Jon played in the high school band, vocal jazz group and orchestra percussion section.  He also sang tenor in the choir.  Jon took his first percussion instruction from a jazz drumming Vegas legend, Forrest Elledge... a drummer so good even Buddy Rich had him as an on call drum coach.   After high school, Jon enrolled in De Anza College and entered into Roger Letzen's vocal jazz program as the drummer.  Letzen's vocal program was so cutting edge that local up and coming singers would sometimes sit in... guys like Bobby McFerren.  Jon used to sing along as the vocal groups rehearsed and in so doing learned how to harmonize and phrase vocal notes.  The group would play Montreaux Jazz Festival, and tour across America.  Jon then transferred to The Univ. of the Pacific Conservatory where he concentrated on Music Management.  It was here where he met Cameron DePalma and the two would form the band Everything.

Jon left school to perform with Everything in So. California as they showcased to record labels.  It was here where Jon met Russell Pope, from Supertramp and thus began Jon's intensive study of art of drumming as a recording session player.  Jon studied with Mark Converse and Dave Weckle.  Jon would eventually mutually part ways with Everything, but continued session work and live gigging.  Jon joined another band called Crush 333 briefly and the band was fortunate to be signed to a recording contract for a year before the economy of 2008-09 forced the label to close due to investor bankruptcies.  Jon decided to return home to Mariposa and tend to the family property in Lush Meadows. Jon started teaching drums and building a web based business to help him supplement the little money the music business would pay him if and when he returned to playing and touring.  It was here that he saw Tim Hager playing in a band in the Mariposa Park one summer evening.  Jon couldn't believe that world class musicians existed in a little town such as Mariposa.  Fate would lead Jon to jam with Tim in the Gold Coin Saloon one night.  The synergy was so good that Tim and Jon continue to perform as Soul Galaxy "acoustic" to rave reviews, playing as often at 6 nights a week.    

Kyle Morrison is the "Bass Weapons Specialist".  (More to Come)


Willie Rankin: Saxaphonist, MC of the Soul Galaxy Party!